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I’m happy to relay the news that Film Biz Recycling ( http://www.filmbizrecycling.com ) is giving away garden hose (new, in packaging, 50′-100′), luan wood (often chosen for building kayaks and other small craft, but also doll houses, art, etc.), a variety of other woods, and various supplies. If you’re a nonprofit community group, please take advantage of this steady stream of material.

Usually Film Biz Recycling, which operates from the Build it Green ( http://www.bignyc.org ) space in Astoria, sells its goods but periodically gives away valuable items to free up space. This is such a time.

Please visit the website to email co-director Eva Radke through an input field, or call her at 917-648-5247.

To go in person, check out the Build it Green Directions:


I will alert you to other great opportunities like this, and I hope your community environmental efforts thrive!

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