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WE ADD UP, a culture-changing marketer (a “tremendous” one at that, says none other than Al Gore) features an essay by Nature Calendar writer Erik Baard on its blog.

Here’s a tease and a link to more:


Give me sustainability and conservation, but not yet.

That’s a poor plea for the 21st century, but the American ecological sentiment seems to parallel the St. Augustine’s prayer for chastity and continence as a debauched youth. We seem to want to stay on the just-forgivable side of “sinning” against nature.

Is building a “sustainable economy” a matter of tweaking the machinery of our current lifestyles to stay narrowly within the Earth’s survival margins? Is conservation meant to secure images of natural plenty merely for our own peace of mind?

To save our environment, President-elect Barack Obama will have to do much more than raise automobile fuel standards, reverse President Bush’s ill-conceived executive orders, and invest in alternative energy. He must lead a profound culture change that redefines the material American Dream, or nurture the culture change that starts with us at the grass roots. Despite the campaign slogan “we are the change we need,” it’s truer to say that we need to change. Few voters want to hear that, and no politician will win on that theme.

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While you’re there, please take a look at WE ADD UP’s hand-printed, organic cotton shirts, each of which is emblazoned with a small action any one of us can take to improve the environment. WE ADD UP was created by artist Jill Palermo, whose “Plant Trees” t-shirt icon is pictured above.

To learn more about WE ADD UP, click here.

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Dark matter simulation by Durham University.

Dark matter simulation by Durham University.

A team of scientists at Britain’s Durham University thinks it might succeed where even Orion the Hunter could not: they believe they’ve identified the target areas for our search for the mystery of the universe’s “missing” mass, commonly called “Dark Matter.” The image here, provided by the university, shows where clumps of the stuff might be molding the visible universe into the spirals and other patterns that are familiar to our eyes.

More about the research and simulation here:


In 1990 I wrote a sonnet, to test my modern thinking against a traditional poetic form, that compared our inability to detect dark matter and dark energy with baryonic instruments to my conscious mind trying to grasp how subconscious urges and memories shape me — the moment I haul something up, it’s rationalized out of its primordial truth.


The beauty of stars is simply presence
In a Universe to which I am blind
But the darkness of night is its essence
As I am foremost memory denied.

With a tide of mind the darkness returns
Rippling past the broad and barnacled moon
Suddenly my starlit memories churn
Some blaze like novas, some die in dim ruin.

These nights I seek a glimpse of the matter
That rolls pebble stars to boulders or dust,
But the wing of my consciousness gathers
Light with light; the intimate dark is lost.

So the darkness recedes, quiet and slow
As the arrogant day erupts below.

— Erik Baard

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The Discovery Channel is casting its new adventure show, set in Alaska. I’ve uploaded the application here:


Directly from Ronica Wynder of Camouflage TV:

<<Greetings Nature Calendar,

The Discovery Channel has a wonderful opportunity for all of you nature lovers. We’re now casting for a new reality tv show, the Alaska Challenge show. I have attached a document that will explain the show. If this interests you, anyone else in the group, or anyone you may know. Please follow the directions listed in the document.

Thank you for your time,

Ronica Wynder>>

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