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Red-tailed hawks Bobby and Violet. Photo by Christopher James/NYU.

Here’s a chance to admire one mom and her eggs a bit ahead of the Mother’s Day and Easter rushes!

New York City’s most famous raptor (individually, as well as in terms of species)┬áis the red-tailed hawk, even if the Manhattan core is more ecologically notable for its density of falcons. In this case, make that a proud Violet. Her egg-filled nest is tucked into New York University’s Bobst Library under the steady gaze of a live-feed “hawk cam.”

The thrills of the hunt occur off camera, but this window (literally) into the intimate routines of taloned domesticity is a captivating distraction from office life. An article in the City Room blog of the New York Times has more.

Also, here’s a great guide to the raptors of New York State published in The Conservationist.

Please considering adding meaning to your enjoyment of raptors in our local environment by volunteering or supporting NYC Audubon. This premier organization can also refer you to specialized groups and tours.


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